The Role Of Reliable DNS To Your Business

Small and large businesses alike are becoming susceptible to malware attacks. Some of the high profile attacks of this decade include those on JP Morgan and Community Health. Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of the lax security measures that most businesses and organizations have when it comes to internet security.

While most of these attacks are performed by the use of a DNS, most companies are still oblivious of the measures that they can take to prevent such attacks.

Most of which can be countered by instigating measures on the same DNS servers.

Use Of DNS In Your Business

For the past 30 years, DNS has evolved to become one of the most important components of the internet. In order for your business to function you’ll have to make use of DNS in one way or the other. Services such as email and VOIP which are integral for enterprise communications are some common examples of business DNS usage.

This means that if your DNS server was to be compromised, then it would greatly affect your business’ capability of handling its communication channels. Furthermore, a DNS breach might also lead to some of your clients’ sensitive data being compromised. The effects of such a breach can be tremendous. It might negatively affect your reputation and bottom line.

It’s therefore critical for any business or organization to ensure that they’ve secured their DNS in order to maintain the overall security of their network.

DNS Client Server Relationships

DNS servers are becoming increasingly necessary for businesses, especially when your business happens to handle databases that are necessary for use by each workstation. It is easier for everyone on the network to be able to access the same network at fast speeds. By doing so, your business will be able to function seamlessly across all points.

DNS servers can also be secured to prevent any external access to the main server. This is by the use of firewall rules. You can also prevent users from being able to access certain parts of the internet by ensuring that all IP related queries are passed through the main server in your organization. This will prevent your employees from accessing non-work related sites, some of which can be harmful to your organization’s IT security. Large organizations also limit sites deemed illegal like torrenting ones. This is because the user who accesses the site via the company’s internet connection may make illegal downloads that will lead to unnecessary suits that the company will have to settle.

Faster Internet Connections

DNS servers are crucial when it comes to internet speeds for your company. Many businesses nowadays rely on the internet in order for them to make business and your internet speeds can make the difference between you and your competitors. If you feel that your ISP’s internet connection is slow, then before you even think of changing ISPs, you should first consider making configurations to your DNS server. These configurations are much easier and in many cases result to faster speeds. You can even make use of public DNS servers without incurring any cost.


Given that the internet has become a necessary social need in the 21st century, it’s important for businesses to be able to leverage on the power of the internet to increase their bottom line. DNS servers can also be managed within your business or organization to the custom requirements.

It might be hard to configure DNS servers, hence the need for experts, but it will be worth the investment at the end.