About Us

We are a group of passionate tech enthusiasts who are always on the forefront of bringing the latest server related content.

We found out that there lacks enough information that can be used when it comes to DNS server management. That is why we embarked on a journey of providing information to people who want to know more about them.

DNS is not as simple as it looks. Many developers only know the basics of DNS and attest to the fact that it can be complex learning everything about it. There are also instances where expert IT firms also face DNS issues which take a lot of time to be resolved. The main reason for this is the increasing changes that are always felt in the DNS environment.

The Internet And DNS

The truth is that everything on the internet is being held by DNS. That’s why it’s important that people get to understand, even at a basic level, the main principles behind the cogs wheels that fuel their internet appetite.

Our Mission

  • We aim to provide our readers with up to date content about DNS and DNS servers.

  • We also aim at providing relevant content for your DNS networking issues that you can’t find anywhere on the internet.

What To Expect

Always expect the best from us when it comes to DNS servers. We have a team of experts who are also ready to take on your DNS server related issues. You can contact us via our contact details here.