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    DNS Server

    A DNS server or name server can be best described as a phone book that has all the public IP addresses and domain names that are related to each other.

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    Common DNS Server Errors

    DNS Servers are an important piece of infrastructure necessary for every company or organization. They are involved in converting domain names to IP addresses that can be read by machines.

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About DNS Servers

Before DNS servers came into existence, a website could only be identified by machines through its host name. All of these host names were saved in one large file known as the hosts.txt. However, this method of managing host names became hard to maintain given the tremendous growth in computer networks during the period between 1970 and 1980.

Open DNS

If you are looking for a DNS that gives you enhanced control over your internet security, then you should check out Open DNS.

Google Public DNS

Just as its name suggests, Google Public DNS is a product of the internet search engine giant Google.

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS works in a similar manner as Google’s Public DNS. You just have to change your IP addresses.

Level3 DNS

You can access this DNS server by switching your IP address to,,,, or

Norton Connect Safe

For a company that is well known for its security software and services, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its own DNS server.


This DNS is a great option for people who would like to gain access to sites censored in their geographical locations.

We also recommend services below taking advantage of Cloudflare DNS

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More Information About DNS

Benefits of DNS Notify

DNS Notify is a tool that facilitates the zone transfer between the primary and secondary DNS servers. If your IT environment only uses a single DNS server, then it’s not necessary to have DNS notify. So you’re probably wondering what a zone transfer is by now. A zone transfer is more like a transaction between a slave machine and the master machine where in this case the slave machine represents the secondary server and the master machine is known as the primary server.

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DNS Server: What Are They?

A DNS server or name server can be best described as a phone book that has all the public IP addresses and domain names that are related to each other. It serves to translate domain names e.g. XYZ.com to a machine-readable IP address e.g. This is quite important because computers can’t process domain names. In order for them to access websites they have to look for the IP address connected with that particular domain name.

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