DNS-LOC calculator

This page helps you generate a DNS-LOC record for djbdns. Fill out the form below and press submit. The form will return a DNS-LOC record that you can insert into the tinydns data file.

Size and altitude are in meters. Latitude and Longitude are in fractional degrees, e.g. 45.374736. Direction from Greenwich may be indicated with a minus sign, or a N/S or E/W suffix. Alternately, you may enter lat/long in degrees/minutes/seconds (DDD HH' MM") form. The spaces and quotation marks are required for this form. One possible source of lat/long information is the The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names browser

Name of host/domain:
Size of location described:
Size of horizontal error circle:
Size of vertical error circle:
Latitude: , e.g. 45.374736 or 45 21' 35"
Longitude: , e.g. 74.3928W or -74.392 or 74 22' 21"

The RFC which documents all of these is RFC1876.

Russell Nelson
Last modified: Fri Jan 18 22:52:08 EST 2002